Customer Care

Essential have commissioned the development of a Client Web Portal (CWP) and a mobile device (tablet or smart phone) application in order to streamline the services we offer.

Our customers will have access to the CWP 24 hours per day in order to do the following;

  • View and update any of site or client related contact details
  • View each sites dedicated management team and their contact details
  • View the staff allocated to each site per day as well as their start and finish times

They will be able to download or view;

  • All work schedules for the cleaner/s allocated to each site
  • A copy of the site specific health & safety file
  • Public liability insurance & valid COID docs
  • The site specific chemicals used as well as the Material Safety Data sheets
  • The areas that we service along with any special instructions
  • A history of all site inspections done by our area managers
  • A list of all equipment on site with our unique serial numbers as well as their service history.
  • Our Sector Managers follow a Lean Management Schedule which provides for scheduled visits to each site. Unscheduled visits are also made as they are required.
  • Our site visitation schedules have been designed so that the Sector Managers do not waste time and fuel – each day is meticulously planned ot maximise client contact time.
  • Each Sector Manager is equipped with a mobile device which alerts the manager of his next appointment, as soon as the area manager is with in geofence range of the client’s premises, the device prompts him to begin his site checks, such as, checking the chemicals, uniforms, equipment, staff file and storeroom.
  • Once complete, the Sector Manager does his site inspection where any partial or non-conformances are recorded with the ability to add photographs. Both client and Essential actions to be attended to are recorded.
  • As soon as the Sector Manager has completed his inspection, it is signed off by the client; a copy is emailed to an email contact distribution list defined by the client as well as uploaded to the client portal with all other inspections that have been done.